Vol. 1, 2011 (2011年第一期)

(December 2011,2011年12月)

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IJSWS # 01 封二 Inside Cover 2 New.pdf
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IJSWS # 01 扉页及编辑委员会 Front page and Edito
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目录 Contents

IJSWS # 01 目录 Contents New.pdf
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IJSWS # 01 pp 01-04 卷首语From the Editor’s
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卷首语 From the Editor's Desk

人学、神学与国学 Humanities, Theology, and Chinese National Studies

IJSWS # 01 pp 1-2 人学、神学与国学 Humanities, T
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IJSWS # 01 pp 3-17 黄保罗 大国学视野中汉语学术对话神学的构建
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# 01, pp.18-28 杨煦生 失魅时代的超越之维:当代语境中的中国宗教难题
IJSWS # 01 pp 18-28 YANG Xusheng The Tra
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实践神学与中西教会与社会 Practical Theology and Sino-Western Views on Church and Society

IJSWS # 01 pp 29-30 实践神学与中西教会和社会 Practic
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IJSWS # 01, pp.31-41 高师宁 认识与被认识:中国社会与基督教
IJSWS # 01 pp 31-41 GAO Shining, Knowing
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IJSWS # 01, pp.42-56 SUN Shangyang and LI Ding, Chinese Traditional Culture Study Fever, Scarcity of Meaning and the Trend of University Students’ Attitude toward Religions
IJSWS # 01 pp 42-56 孙尚扬、李丁 国学热、意义的匮乏与大学生
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中西经典与圣经 Chinese and Western Classics and the Bible

IJSWS # 01, pp. 57-58 中西经典与圣经 Chinese and Western Classics and the Bible
IJSWS # 01 pp 57-58 中西经典与圣经 Chinese and
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IJSWS # 01, pp. 69-80 YOU Bin, Comparative Scriptural Studies
IJSWS # 01 pp 69-80 游斌 论比较经学作为汉语基督教经学的展开
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教会历史与中西文明变迁 Church History in the West and in China

IJSWS # 01, pp. 81-82 教会历史与中西文明变迁 Church History in the West and in China
IJSWS # 01 pp 81-82 教会历史与中西文明变迁 Church H
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IJSWS # 01, pp. 83-97 WANG Jianping, Islam of Kashgar as Observed by the Missionaries from the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden and their Contacts with the Uyghur Muslim Society of South Xinjiang
IJSWS # 01 pp 83-97 王建平 喀什伊斯兰教及其与南疆维吾尔穆斯
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IJSWS # 01, pp. 98-118 XIAO Qinghe, A Preliminary Exploration on the Religious Life and Organization of the Ming and Qing Catholic Christians
IJSWS # 01 pp 98-118 肖清和 明清天主教徒宗教生活与组织形式
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比较宗教文化研究 Comparative Religious and Cultural Studies

IJSWS # 01 pp 119-120 比较宗教文化研究 Comparati
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IJSWS # 01, pp.121-145 钟志邦 罗马与中国的和平:两个帝国的故事
IJSWS # 01 pp 121-145 CHOONG Chee Pang,
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IJSWS # 01, pp.146-164 CHEN Jian, Relieving People from Suffering and Misery: Guanyin, Gospel, and the Chinese Contextualization of Christianity
IJSWS # 01 pp 146-164 陈坚 救苦救难:观音与福音----兼
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书评与通讯 Reviews and Academic Reports

IJSWS # 01 pp 165-166 书评与通讯 Reviews and
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IJSWS # 01, pp.167-170 JIANG Yi, Sino-Christian Academic Dialogical Theology in the Framework of the Great Guoxue
IJSWS # 01 pp 167-170 江怡 大国学框架中的汉语学术对话神学
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IJSWS # 01, pp.171-177 CHEN Shengbai and TIAN Fei, The Third Academic Conference on Religious Dialogue and Harmonious Society
IJSWS # 01 pp 171-177 陈声柏、田飞 第三届“宗教对话与和谐
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IJSWS # 01, pp.178-185 梁玉龙 宗教、信仰、国家与社会之北欧会议简讯
IJSWS # 01 pp 178-185 LIANG Yulong, Repo
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附件 Attachments

IJSWS # 01 pp 179-194 投稿须知 Notes for Con
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IJSWS # 01 pp 195-196 订单 Order Form New.
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JSWS No. 1 June 2012 Main Text.pdf
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Calligraphy of journal title by Prof. LIU Dajun (Chairman of the Chinese Yiching Association, Professor of Shandong University.)刊名题字:刘大钧(山东大学终身教授、中国周易研究会会长)


The logo of journal is taken from a Han Dynasty brick carving. It is a flying dragon with one head, two wings, four feet and one tail; and it symbolizes the reality of Chinese thinking system. 本刊 logo 取自汉砖图案,是一只一首两翼四足一尾的飞龙, 象征中国精神体系的实然形象。


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