Vol. 11, 2016 (2016年第十一期)

(December 2016, 2016年12月)

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IJSWS # 11,扉页及编辑委员会 Front page and Edito
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目录 Contents

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卷首语 From the Editor's Desk

# 11, pp. 1-4 Paulos HUANG,Chinese Ethnic Minorities and Christianity

IJSWS # 11,pp. 1-4 黄保罗 Paulos Huang、祁进玉
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人学、神学与国学 Humanities, Theology, and Chinese National Studies

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# 11, pp. 3-12 LI Shoulei,The Regional Adaptation and Change of Christianity in Xishuangbanna

IJSWS # 11, pp. 3-12 李守雷 LI Shoulei:西双版纳
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# 11,pp.13-24 MA Mingzhong ZHANG Ke,The Spreading of Christianity among the plural Ethnic and Religious Ecological Context in Qinghai during the Late Modern Period

IJSWS # 11, pp. 13-24 马明忠 MA Mingzhong,
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实践神学与中西教会和社会 Practical Theology and Sino-Western Views on Church and Society

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# 11, pp. 27-37 WANG Yu,A Study on the Social Functions of Countryside Christianity: A Case study on Three Villages in Liangshan County

IJSWS # 11, pp. 27-37 王雨 WANG Yu 乡村基督教的
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# 11, pp. 39-45 ZHANG Xiaowu,Localizing Producing Process of Protestant Christian Sacred Music in Yinshan Regional Cultural Area

IJSWS # 11, pp. 39-45 张晓武 ZHANG Xiaowu 阴
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中西经典与圣经 Chinese and Western Classics and the Bible

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IJSWS # 11, pp. 49-62 GAO Zhiying SHA Lina,The Christianization of Nu and Lisu Nationality in the northern part of border areas between China and Myanmar and the Localization of Christianity

IJSWS # 11, pp. 49-62 高志英 GAO Zhiying、沙丽
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IJSWS # 11, pp. 63-72 XING An,A study of Mongolian Protestants' indigenization of Hymn in Hohhot

IJSWS # 11, pp. 63-72 兴安 XING An 蓝色的圣乐:
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教会历史与中西社会 Church History in the West and in China

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IJSWS # 11, pp. 75-81 BAO Guizhen,Congregation of the Mission with the Formation of Three Missionary Centers in Mongolia (或Beyond the Great Wall塞外)

IJSWS # 11, pp. 75-81 宝贵贞 BAO Guizhen 遣
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IJSWS # 11, pp. 83-91 SU Cuiwei YU Weliang,The Practice and Exploration of Christian Charity in Yunnan Province

IJSWS # 11, pp. 83-91 苏翠薇 SU Cuiwei 余文良
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比较宗教文化研究 Comparative Religious and Cultural Studies

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IJSWS # 11, pp. 95-105 MO Zhengyi,A Study on ZHU Zongyuan’s opinion of Western studies: A comparison with Huang Zongxi

IJSWS # 11, pp. 95-105 莫铮宜 MO Zhengyi 明末
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IJSWS # 11, pp. 107-114 E Congrong,The Mutual Reaction between Christian Spreading and Folk Beliefs in the Hehuang Valley

IJSWS # 11, pp. 107-114 鄂崇荣 E Chongrong
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书评与通讯 Reviews and Academic Reports

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IJSWS # 11, pp. 117-127 AI Juhong XU Maolin,Catholicism in a Village with Multi Ethnic Groups

IJSWS # 11, pp. 117-127 艾菊红 AI Juhog, 徐茂
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IJSWS # 11, pp.129-135 戴德理:《博睿中国神学年鉴2015》评述

IJSWS # 11, pp. 129-135 Wright Doyle 戴德理
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IJSWS # 11, pp. 137-156 班固著、Agnes CHALIER译注 漢書 藝文志

IJSWS # 11, pp. 137-156 By BAN Gu 班固著 ,
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附件 Attachments

IJSWS # 11, pp. 157-166 Notes for Contri
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全文下载 Download the Full Text

IJSWS # 11,全文 Full Text pp 1-166.pdf.pdf
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Calligraphy of journal title by Prof. LIU Dajun (Chairman of the Chinese Yiching Association, Professor of Shandong University.)刊名题字:刘大钧(山东大学终身教授、中国周易研究会会长)


The logo of journal is taken from a Han Dynasty brick carving. It is a flying dragon with one head, two wings, four feet and one tail; and it symbolizes the reality of Chinese thinking system. 本刊 logo 取自汉砖图案,是一只一首两翼四足一尾的飞龙, 象征中国精神体系的实然形象。


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