Footnote Format and Requirements

一、总则General Principles


      Use continuous footnotes from the start to the end of your article.


      Use original literature when the reference is in a language other than the article, a translation of the citation is not required.


      Independent bibliography is not required.


      Please use authentic, accurate, and standard literature references.  


      We use English as an example of all the non-Chinese languages.


分则 Detailed Rules


黄保罗 Huang Baoluo,《汉语学术神学》Hanyu xueshu shenxue[Sino-Christian Academic Theology] ,(北京 Beijing:宗教文化出版社Zongjiao wenhua chubanshe [Religion and Culture Press]2008, 155159

Paulos Huang, Confronting Confucian Understandings of the Christian Doctrine of Salvation: A Systematic Theological Analysis of the Basic Problems in the Confucian-Christian Dialogue,Leiden & Boston: Brill, 2009, 88-89.


2、编著Compiled works

罗明嘉 Luo Mingjia、黄保罗 Huang Baoluo主编,《基督宗教与中国文化》Jiduzongjiao yu zhongguo wenhua[Christianity and Chinese Culture], (北京 Beijing:中国社会科学出版社 Zhongguo shehui kexue chubanshe [Chinese Social Sciences Press]2004),155

Miikka Ruokanen & Paulos Huang, eds., Christianity and Chinese Culture, (Grand Rapids & Cambridge: Eerdmans, 2010), 3.


3、译著Translated literature

麦克阿盖尔 Maike Agaier,《宗教心理学》Zongjiao xinlixue [Religious Psychology],陈彪 Chen Biao译,(北京 Beijing 中国人民大学出版社 Zhongguo renmin chubanshe [The Press of Renmin University of China]),200530

Fung Yu1an, A History of Chinese Philosophy, tr. by Derk Bodde, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1952, 150.


4、外文稿件引用中文资料 Chinese literature in non-Chinese articles

Liang Qichao, Gushu zhenwei jiqi niandai [The Genuinity of Chinese Ancient Books and their Dates], Shanghai: Shangwu yinshuguan [The Commercial Press], 1923,  20.


5文集中的文章 Articles in collections

张敏 Zhang Min,《基督徒身份认同——浙江温州案例》 Jidutu shenfen renting ---- Zhejiang Wenzhou anli [The Personal Identity of Christians],张静 Zhang Jing主编:《身份认同研究:观念、态度、理据》Shenfen renting yanjiuguanniantaiduliju [A Study on Personal Identity],(上海 Shanghai:上海人民出版社 Shanghai renmin chubanshe [Shanghai People’s Publishing House]2006),101-105

Zhuo Xinping, “Comprehensive Theology: An Attempt to Combine Christianity with Chinese Culture,” in Miikka Ruokanen & Paulos Huang, eds., Christianity and Chinese Culture, (Grand Rapids & Cambridge: Eerdmans, 2010), 185-192.


6、报纸中的文章Articles in newspapers

曹曙红 Cao Shuhong,《信仰之旅 慈善之行上海玉佛禅寺觉群慈爱功德会参访团西藏行纪实》Xinyang zhi lü, Cishan zhi xing ---- Shanghai Fochansi Juequn ciai gongdehui canfangtuan Xizang xing jishi [The Trip of Faith and the Travel of Charity],《中国民族报》Zhongguo minzubao [The Newspaper of Chinese Ethnic Minorities]  (2011823),第5版。

David E. Sanger, "U.S. and Seoul Try to Ease Rift on Talks with the North," New York Times, (11 June, 2005).


7、期刊中的文章Articles in journals

李炽昌 Li Chichang,《跨文本阅读策略:明末中国基督徒著作研究》Kuawenben yuedu celue: Mingmo Zhongguo jidutu zhuzuo yanjiu The Strategy of Readings in Chinese Christian Writings】,《基督教文化学刊》 Jidujiao wenhua xuekan Journalof Christian Culture, No. 10, (北京 Beijing: 中国人民大学出版社 Zhongguo renmin daxeu chubanshe The Press of Renmin University of China, 2003), 168

J. R. Carrette, "Religion and Mestrovic’s Postemotional Society: The Manufacturing of Religious Emotion," Religion, vol. 34, (2004),  271.


8、会议论文 Conference papers

田海华 Tian Haihua,《汉语语境中的十诫:以十九世纪基督新教的诠释为例》Hanyu yujing zhong de ’Shijie’: Yi shijiu shiji jiduxinjiao de quanshi wei li [The Ten Commandments in the Chinese Context]第四届基督教与中国社会文化国际年青学者研讨会”  Disijie ‘Jidujiao yu Zhongguo shehui wenhua’ guoji qingnian xuezhe yantaohui [The Fourth International Young Scholar Conference on Christianity and Chinese Social Culture], (香港 Xianggang,香港中文大学 Xianggang zhongwen daxue [Chinese University of Hong Kong]2008125-9)3

John Barwick, "Liu Tingfang, Chinese Protestant Elites, and the Quest for Modernity in Repu Xinping Republican China", presented in "The 4th International Young Scholars’ Symposium on ‘Christianity and Chinese Society and Culture’," (Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 5-9 December, 2008).      


9、学位论文  Dissertations

刘家峰 Liu Jiafeng,《中国基督教乡村建设运动研究(1907—1950)Zhongguo jidujiao xiangcun jianshe yundong yanjiu [A Study on the Movement of Chinese Christian Countryside Construction](武汉Wuhan:华中师范大学博士论文 Huazhong shifan daxue boshi lunwen [Ph.D. dissertation in Central China Normal University]2001)55 

Nathan C. Faries, The Narratives of Contemporary Chinese Christianity, The Pennsylvania State University, PhD dissertation, 2005, 22.


10、互联网资料Internet source,2005-03-27.


11、重复引用 Consecutively repeated citations


Ibid., pp. 73-75.


12、转引 Quotation from a secondary source

新疆档案馆档案政Xinjiang dang’anguan dang’an zheng 2 —5 —140 [Xinjiang Archives . Politics],转引自木拉提·黑尼亚提 Mulati Heiniyati:《喀什噶尔瑞典传教团建堂历史考》 Kashigeer Ruidian chuanjiaotuan jiantang lishikao [A Study on the Hisotry of Church Establishment in Kashgar by Sweden Missionaries],《新疆社会科学》 Xinjiang shehui kexue [Social Sciences in Xinjiang](乌鲁木齐 Wumumuqi2002 年第3 ), 64-65

Stanley A. Erickson, "Economic and Technological Trend Affecting Nuclear Nonproliferation," The Nonproliferation Review, vol. 8, no.2, 2001, p. 43, quoted from Michael Wesley, "It's Time to Scrap the NPT," Australian Journal of International Affairs, vol. 59, no. 3, (September 2005), 292.


13、华人姓名写法 Writing of Chinese personal names

如果华人拥有外文名字,则按西文方式名前姓后,如:Paulos Huang;若只有中文名字, 则按中国方式姓前名后,如:Zhuo Xinping等。If a Chinese person uses the Westernized first name, his name can be written in this way: Paulos Huang; but if he ONLY uses the Chinese name, it must be written in the Chinese way, for instance: Zhuo Xinping, etc.


14、其他 Others

河北省地方志编纂委员会Hebei sheng difangzhi bianzhuan weiyuanhui [The Editorial Committee of Hebei Provincial Chorography] 编:《河北省志·宗教志》 Hebei sheng zhi . Zongjiaozhi [Hebei Provincial Chorography . Religions](北京 Beijing:中国书籍出版社 Zhongguo shuji chubanshe [Chinese Books Publishing House]1995)224   

U.S. Agency for International Development, Foreign Aid in the National Interest, (Washington, D.C., 2002), 1.



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