In this first volume, harmony and Sinicization of Christianity in China are studied from a systematic theological viewpoint. Confucian Ruism and the Human-God relationship are investigated from a practical theological perspective. Articles on the rebellious Taiping tianguo movement and on a Fujian Catholic community shed light on the history of Christianity in China, and two articles draw attention to the Bible in relation to literature and general public. Furthermore, a review of the Protestant Church is offered from the viewpoint of Civil Society construction, and Chinese contemporary ideology and historical Nestorianism are researched using methodology derived from the field of Comparative Religions. This volume offers genuine Chinese theological research, which was previously unavailable in English, by top scholars in the study of Christianity in China.

Biographical note

Paulos HUANG, Ph.D (1996, University of Helsinki) and Th.D (2006, University of Helsinki), Post-Doctor (2000, University of Tokyo), is adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki. In addition, he is the Chief Editor of the International Journal of Sino-Western Studies, and Guest Professor at more than ten universities in China. He is the author of Confronting Confucian Understandings of Christian Doctrine of Salvation (2009, Brill), co-editor of Christianity and Chinese Culture (2010, Eerdmans), and has written many academic monographs in China. He specialises in Christianity, Chinese Daoism/Confucianism, and the dialogue between Christianity and Chinese culture.


The Yearbook aims at scholars around the globe, including China, who specialise in Theology, Inter-Religious Dialogue, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Sinology, and Sociology of Religion.

Table of contents

From the Editor’s Desk

Paulos HUANG Inaugural Editorial for Brill Yearbook of Chinese Theology 

Systematic Theology and Chinese Humanities

ZHUO Xinping Chinese Religions and a Harmonious World 

ZHANG Zhigang Three-fold Thinking on the Sinicization of Christianity

Practical Theology in Chinese Context

Lauren F. PFISTER Reverence for Life and Living with Reverence in the 21st Century: Meditations by a Ruified Christian

ZHA Changping The Dimension of the Human-God Relation in the Thought-picture of Chinese Contemporary Art

Church History in China 

ZHOU Weichi Correspondence between the Taiping Heavenly Chronicle (Taiping tianri 太平天日) and the “Revelation”

ZHANG Xianqing Religion and Marriage:The Reconstruction of the Network of Marriage in a Catholic Community in Eastern Fujian Province

Biblical and Scriptural Studies 

LIANG Gong Differences in Family Values Between Greek Mythologies & Hebrew Patriarchal Legends

MENG Zhenhua The Understanding of the Bible among the General Public in Mainland China: A Survey on the “Bullet Curtain” of The Bible

Comparative Religious and Cultural Studies 

Paulos HUANG Chinese New Leftism Between the Leviathan of State and the Wild Horse of Liberalism in the Light of Christianity 

ZHU Donghua Person and Shen身: An Ontological Encounter of “Nestorian” Christianity with Confucianism in Tang China

A Review and Academic Report

HUANG Haibo Approaching Civil Society under Construction: Protestant Churches in China in 2010, Responsibility and Introspection

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