No. 12, 2017 (2017年第十二期)

(June 2017, 2017年6月)

IJSWS # 12,封面和封底 Front and Back
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IJSWS # 12,扉页及编辑委员会 Front page and Edito
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目录 Contents

IJSWS # 12,目录 Contents.pdf
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卷首语 From the Editor's Desk

# 12,pp. 1-12 Paulos HUANG,Dialogue and Critique: The 16th Century Religious Reformation and Modernity

IJSWS # 12,pp. 1-12 黄保罗Paulos HUANG.pdf
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人学、神学与国学 Humanities, Theology, and Chinese National Studies

IJSWS # 12,pp.1-2 人学、神学与国学Humanities, Th
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# 12, pp. 3-14 LEE Man Yiu, Being-free-for-the-other: Bonhoeffer on Sex and Marriage

IJSWS # 12, pp. 3-14 李文耀LEE Man Yiu 行使爱他
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# 12, pp. 15-26 FENG Zilian, Anders Nygren's Agape Ethics and its Contemporary Defense

IJSWS # 12, pp. 15-26 冯梓琏 FENG Zilian,尼格
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实践神学与中西教会和社会 Practical Theology and Sino-Western Views on Church and Society

IJSWS # 12, pp. 27-28 实践神学与中西教会和社会 Pract
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# 12, pp. 29-34 LU Zhen, Influence of Media Commodification on Family Kinship and Solution of Gracious Education

IJSWS # 12, pp. 29-34 陆臻 LU Zhen 媒介商品化对家
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# 12, pp. 35-47, Michael W H Chan, Kace C N Chiu, Survey of Hong Kong Christians' attitude on Marriage

IJSWS # 12, pp. 35-47, 陈永浩、招雋宁 Michael W
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中西经典与圣经 Chinese and Western Classics and the Bible

IJSWS # 12, pp. 48-50 中西经典与圣经 Chinese an
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IJSWS # 12, pp. 51-57, BAO Zhaohui, On Biblical the View of Marriage and Its Significance in the Era of Secularization, with the case study of Genesis 2.4-24

IJSWS # 12, pp. 51-57 包兆会 BAO Zhaohui, 从
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IJSWS # 12, pp. 59-69 PU Rongjian, An Analysis on Biblical Marriages and Related Ethics

IJSWS # 12, pp. 59-59 濮荣健 PU Rongjian,《圣
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教会历史与中西社会 Church History in the West and in China

IJSWS # 12, pp. 70-72 教会历史与中西社会 Church H
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IJSWS  # 12, pp. 73-79, GAO Yuan, Augustine's Conception of Sexuality and Marriage: A Defense against Alignment of Human Merits on Continence

IJSWS # 12, pp. 73-79 高源 GAO Yuan,奥古斯丁性与
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IJSWS # 12, pp. 81-93 Anthony Tao WANG, Sexuality in the Sacrament of Matrimony: St. Thomas Aquinas' Ethics of Marriage

IJSWS # 12, pp. 81-93 王涛 WANG Tao,婚姻圣事中的
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比较宗教文化研究 Comparative Religious and Cultural Studies

IJSWS # 12, pp. 94-96 比较宗教文化研究 Comparati
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IJSWS # 12, pp. 97-108 WANG Daw-Wei, Reflection of the Pastoraland Public Theologies for LGBT Group in Chinese Churches, based on the experience of "Forum of Friendly Interflow" 從「友善交流座談會」反思教會對同志的牧養與神學議題

IJSWS # 12, pp. 97-108 王道维 WANG Daw-Wei,
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IJSWS # 12, pp. 109-119 LAI Pan-chiu, Divine Love and Human Love: Between Martin Luther and Thomas Aquinas

IJSWS # 12, pp. 109-119 赖品超 LAI Pan-chiu
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书评与通讯 Reviews and Academic Reports

IJSWS # 12, pp. 120-122,书评与通讯 Reviews an
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IJSWS # 12, pp. 123-128 Benedict H. B. KWOK, Marriage in the Perspective of Theology

IJSWS # 12, pp. 123-128 郭鸿标 Benedict H.
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IJSWS # 12, pp. 129-138 ZHENG Xiaoyun, Contemporary Chinese Religious Philanthropy Experiences and the Trend of Development

IJSWS # 12, pp. 129-138 郑筱筠 ZHENG Xiaoyu
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IJSWS # 12, pp. 139-164 本刊编辑部:关于芬兰婚姻法修订案的五个文件

IJSWS # 12, pp. 139-164 Five Documents c
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附件 Attachments

IJSWS # 12, pp. 165-171 Notes for Contri
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Calligraphy of journal title by Prof. LIU Dajun (Chairman of the Chinese Yiching Association, Professor of Shandong University.)刊名题字:刘大钧(山东大学终身教授、中国周易研究会会长)


The logo of journal is taken from a Han Dynasty brick carving. It is a flying dragon with one head, two wings, four feet and one tail; and it symbolizes the reality of Chinese thinking system. 本刊 logo 取自汉砖图案,是一只一首两翼四足一尾的飞龙, 象征中国精神体系的实然形象。