No. 14, 2018 (2018年第十四期)

(June 2018, 2018年6月)

IJSWS # 14,封面和封底 Front and Back
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IJSWS # 14,扉页及编辑委员会 Front page and Edito
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目录 Contents

IJSWS # 14,目录 Contents.pdf
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卷首语 From the Editor's Desk

IJSWS # 14,pp.1-13 Paulos HUANG, Nikolay SAMOYLOV, Orthodoxy in China: History, Current State and Future Prospects

IJSWS # 14,pp.1-13 Paulos HUANG,Nikolay
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人学、神学与国学 Humanities, Theology, and Chinese National Studies

IJSWS # 14,pp. 15-16 人学、神学与国学Humanities,
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IJSWS # 14, pp. 17-26 Aleksandrs Dmitrenko, The intellectual approach of Chinese Academia towards the Orthodox Church

IJSWS # 14, pp. 17-26 Aleksandrs Dmitren
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IJSWS # 14, pp. 27-42 LAI Pan-chiu, Chinese Explorations of Orthodox Theology: A Critical Review

IJSWS # 14, pp. 27-42 LAI Pan-chiu, Chin
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实践神学与中西教会和社会 Practical Theology and Sino-Western Views on Church and Society

IJSWS # 14,pp. 43-44 实践神学与中西教会和社会Practic
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IJSWS # 14, pp. 45-72 L. A. Afonina, Chinese Orthodox martyrs of 1900: survey of historical sources and church veneration

IJSWS # 14, pp. 45-72 L. A. Afonina, Chi
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IJSWS # 14, pp. 73-84 Dmitry I. PETROVSKY, Modern State and Perspectives of the Orthodox Church in China

IJSWS # 14, pp. 73-84 Dmitry I. PETROVSK
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中西经典与圣经 Chinese and Western Classics and the Bible

IJSWS # 14, pp. 85-86 中西经典与圣经 Chinese an
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IJSWS # 14, pp. 87-98 Dmitri MAIATCKII,The Book “Conversations in the Assembly of Angels”  by N.Bichurin as the First Experience of Creating an Orthodox Religious Text in Chinese

IJSWS # 14, pp. 87-98 Dmitri MAIATCKII,T
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IJSWS # 14, pp. 99-108 Tatiana A. PANG, The Orthodox Catechism in the Manchu Collection of the Institute of Oriental manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences

IJSWS # 14, pp. 99-108 Tatiana A. PANG,
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教会历史与中西社会 Church History in the West and in China

IJSWS # 14, pp. 109-110 教会历史与中西社会 Church
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IJSWS # 14, pp. 111-118 Irina KEIDUN, History and Present State of Orthodoxy in China: A Review of Studies Published in the Russian Far East after the Year 2000

IJSWS # 14, pp. 111-118 Irina KEIDUN, Hi
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IJSWS # 14, pp. 119-140 Hartmut WALRAVENS, The Publications of  Sinologist A. Leont’ev as Reviewed in the Russische  Bibliothek (St. Petersburg)

IJSWS # 14, pp. 119-140 Hartmut WALRAVEN
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比较宗教文化研究 Comparative Religious and Cultural Studies

IJSWS # 14, pp. 141-142 比较宗教文化研究 Compara
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IJSWS # 14, pp. 143-162 A. V. LOMANOV, Issues of Chinese Culture and Religion in periodicals of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Peking (1904-1917)

IJSWS # 14, pp. 143-162 A. V. LOMANOV, I
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IJSWS # 14, pp. 163-210 Paulos Huang, Xu Fenglin,Zhang Baichun, Two Dialogues on Russian Philosophy and Orthodox Research

IJSWS # 14, pp. 163-210 黄保罗Paulos Huang,
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书评与通讯 Reviews and Academic Reports

IJSWS # 14, pp. 211-212,书评与通讯 Reviews an
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IJSWS # 14, pp. 213-222 Elena KOLPACHKOVA, Problems of Translation of Orthodox lexis to Chinese

IJSWS # 14, pp. 213-222 Elena KOLPACHKOV
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IJSWS # 14, pp. 223-234 Ekaterina ANDREEVA, Natalia PETUKHOVA, Scientific Conference Series “Orthodoxy in the Far East” in St. Petersburg: Important Contribution to Religious and Cultural Studies

IJSWS # 14, pp. 223-234 Ekaterina ANDREE
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IJSWS # 14, pp. 235-240 LIU Xiaoyi, CHEN Feng, Book Review on Wang Xuedian’s Chronicle of the 20th Century Chinese Historiography

IJSWS # 14, pp. 235-240 LIU Xiaoyi, CHEN
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附件 Attachments

IJSWS # 14, pp. 241-248 Notes for Contri
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Calligraphy of journal title by Prof. LIU Dajun (Chairman of the Chinese Yiching Association, Professor of Shandong University.)刊名题字:刘大钧(山东大学终身教授、中国周易研究会会长)


The logo of journal is taken from a Han Dynasty brick carving. It is a flying dragon with one head, two wings, four feet and one tail; and it symbolizes the reality of Chinese thinking system. 本刊 logo 取自汉砖图案,是一只一首两翼四足一尾的飞龙, 象征中国精神体系的实然形象。