No. 3, 2012 (2012年第三期)

2012年第三期(December 2012, 2012年12月)

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目录 Contents

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卷首语 From the Editor's Desk

# 03, pp.01-06 Paulos HUANG, The Challenges and Opportunities of Christianity in the 21th Century China

IJSWS # 03,pp. 01-06 黄保罗:从文化相遇的视角看基督教今日在
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人学、神学与国学 Humanities, Theology, and Chinese National Studies

IJSWS # 03,pp. 1-2 人学、神学与国学 Humanities,
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IJSWS # 03, pp.3-12 汉科克:社会模型:信仰、形式与政治的想象力

IJSWS # 03,pp. 3-12 Christopher HANCOCK,
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IJSWS # 03, pp.13-28 张志刚:共建和谐世界的中国文化资源——中国前辈学者探索成果评述

IJSWS # 03,pp. 13-28 ZHANG Zhigang, Chin
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实践神学与中西教会和社会 Practical Theology and Sino-Western Views on Church and Society

IJSWS # 03,pp. 29-30 实践神学与中西教会和社会 Practi
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IJSWS # 03, pp.31-42 HAN Han, E-media, University life and dissemination of Christianity: The Statistical Data Study of "Christianity Dissemination style" in Z University


IJSWS # 03,pp. 31-42 韩晗:电子媒介、大学生活与基督教传播—
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IJSWS # 03, pp.43-62 HUANG Jianbo, Legitimacy and the Becoming of Local Christianity

IJSWS # 03,pp. 43-62 黄剑波:合法性问题与地方基督教的生成.
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中西经典与圣经 Chinese and Western Classics and the Bible

IJSWS # 03,pp. 63-64 中西经典与圣经 Chinese and
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IJSWS # 03, pp.65-78 戴徳理:保罗以弗所书中和谐社会的根基

IJSWS # 03,pp. 65-78 G. Wright DOYLE, Fo
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IJSWS # 03, pp.79-86 MA Lemei, Extending Chinese Traditional Words to Cover New Meanings: Take Christian Concepts "righteousness" as an Example

IJSWS # 03,pp. 79-86 马乐梅:綴华语而别赋新义——以基督教概
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教会历史与中西社会 Church History in the West and in China

IJSWS # 03,pp. 87-88 教会历史与中西社会Church His
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IJSWS # 03, pp.89-114 柯兰霓:得救还是定罪?马斯卡雷利在礼仪之争(1701)中的“辩护”

IJSWS # 03,pp. 89-114 Claudi von COLLANI
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IJSWS # 03, pp.115-124 CHU Xiaobai, Another Type of Christianity: The Image of Jesus Christ the "Heavenly Brother" in the Chinese folk religion "The Religion of the Worship of God"

IJSWS # 03,pp. 115-124 褚潇白:另类的基督教——从“天兄”
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比较宗教文化研究 Comparative Religious and Cultural Studies

IJSWS # 03,pp. 125-126 比较宗教文化研究 Comparat
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IJSWS # 03, pp.127-134 ZHOU Xuanyi, An Analysis on the Cultural Adaptability of Confucianism and Christianity 

IJSWS # 03,pp. 127-134 周玄毅:儒耶文化适应性比较初探.p
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IJSWS # 03, pp.135-144 康志杰:天主教贞女与基督新教单身女传道:两种基督宗教独身女性的比较

IJSWS # 03,pp. 135-144 KANG Zhijie, Cath
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书评与通讯 Reviews and Academic Reports

IJSWS # 03,pp. 145-146 书评与通讯 Reviews and
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IJSWS # 03, pp.147-150 《国学与西学国际学刊》编辑部:第十二届国际路德研究学会会议综述

IJSWS # 03,pp. 147-150 Committee of Inte
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IJSWS # 03, pp.151-154 YANG Linxia, Sociology of Faith: A New Perspective to Interprete Faith and Religious Faith-A Review on Professor LI Xiangping's New Book Believing without Identifying: The Sociological Interpretation of Spiritual Beliefs in Contemporary China

IJSWS # 03,pp. 151-154 杨林霞:“信仰社会学”:解读信仰与
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IJSWS # 03, pp.155-162 ZHU Donghua, A Review on Public Philosophy by Michael J. Sandel

IJSWS # 03,pp. 155-162 朱东华:斯文谁复念公善.pdf
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# 03, 投稿须知 Notes for Contributors
IJSWS # 03,pp. 163-170 投稿须知 Notes for Co
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Calligraphy of journal title by Prof. LIU Dajun (Chairman of the Chinese Yiching Association, Professor of Shandong University.)刊名题字:刘大钧(山东大学终身教授、中国周易研究会会长)


The logo of journal is taken from a Han Dynasty brick carving. It is a flying dragon with one head, two wings, four feet and one tail; and it symbolizes the reality of Chinese thinking system. 本刊 logo 取自汉砖图案,是一只一首两翼四足一尾的飞龙, 象征中国精神体系的实然形象。